5 year warranty

These promotional warranty conditions are additional to, and complement, the general warranty conditions

The warranty period starts on the date of invoice as shown on the purchase receipt. The standard warranty period ends 24 months later.
By registering your product within sixty (60) days after the invoice date, you will receive an additional three (3) years’ extended limited warranty service (parts and labor only, unless the product is in Sangean technicians’ opinion beyond economic repair).

To qualify for the extended warranty service, your Sangean product must be purchased at www.sangeanshop.eu.

By registering the 5 year warranty you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions.


To redeem and claim the 5 year warranty, all details must be registered using page ‘My Account’, while logged in on www.sangeanshop.eu. This requires an account on Sangean Shop.
These details will be saved by Sangean Europe B.V. and can be recalled at request. If you wish your details to be deleted, you can send an e-mail to webshop@sangean.eu or call +31 (0) 77 382 93 44. The extended warranty expires in the case of deleted details.

The product must be registered no later than 60 days from the invoice date to validate any claims on the 5 year warranty.

Upon registration there will be sent out an email confirmation with notification of registration.

A copy of your receipt or invoice must be retained by you as proof of purchase.

During the extended warranty period Sangean continues to warrant that the Sangean product shall be free from defects in materials and workmanship in accordance with the original 2 year warranty.

In the event that Sangean is unable to repair your product, Sangean may at, its discretion, either exchange your existing product with a (similar) replacement product. The replacement may be a new or repaired item. The replacement item assumes the remaining warranty period of the original product.

When warranty service involves the exchange of a product or part, subject to applicable law, the item replaced becomes the property of Sangean.


Additional conditions

The extended warranty only applies to the purchase of new (not second-hand) Sangean products.

The 5 year warranty is not transferable to a third party and no alternative will be offered. If you transfer this product to another user, warranty service may be available tot that user during the remainder of the 24 month warranty period, but not during the extended warranty period.

This promotion is only available to end-user consumers and not, for the avoidance of doubt, to any company or organization that had purchased any product for the purpose of resale or commercial use.

If the serial number of the product is defaced, missing or illegible, the warranty with Sangean Europe B.V. is null and void.



The duration of the warranty is standard 24 months (two years), effective from the date of invoice at Sangean Shop. If the Sangean product is registered within 60 days at http://sangeanshop.eu in ‘My account’, the company offers an extended warranty period of three years, to a total of 5 years warranty.



To obtain (warranty) service:

-          Contact the technicians of Sangean shop via webshop@sangean.eu or the service form on the website.
-          Provide the product code and serial number, also registered in your account.
-          Provide proof of activated extended warranty, as per the e-mail confirmation sent at the time of registration.
-          Provide proof of purchase to validate.
-          Provide a clear fault description and carry out any diagnostics if advised.
-          Comply with any reasonable instructions from Sangeans’ technicians.



Sangean will only provide the extended warranty for products purchased at Sangean Shop (www.sangeanshop.eu). Sangean is not responsible for any travel or delivery costs after the first repair or if the product is located outside of EU countries.

Services performed by Sangean in rectifying damage or defect caused as a result of any excluded conditions shall be subject to additional charges for labor, transportation and parts. Warranty services or replacement is not available to you if the product you present:

-          Is defaced or altered
-          Does not match the product model and serial number details as registered for warranty service.


Tot the maximum extent permitted by law, warranty service does not include repair of failures caused by:

-          Modification or attachments
-          Accidents or misuse (to include without limitation failure to following instructions in the user manual)
-          An unsuitable physical or operating environment
-          Third party products
-          Maintenance by anyone other than Sangean
-          Products, components, parts, material, software or interfaces not provided by Sangean
-          Leakage of batteries


The extended warranty is limited to, minding the conditions above:

-          Speakers
-          Antenna’s
-          Misfunctioning controls
-          I/O jacks
-          Adapters
-          Remote controls
-          Software
-          CD loading mechanism
-          Modules
-          PCBs
-          Displays

And excluding, as example:

-          Decolorization, deformation and light damage (due to normal wear and tear)
-          Battery packs