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FM / AM radios

FM / AM radios

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  1. Pocket 250 (DT-250)

    This handheld FM/AM radio will not let you down. Besides its size it has lots of features that you do not want to miss out on! Click the device on your belt with a removable belt clip to keep it close!...
  2. Pocket 210 (DT-210)

    Weighing a mere 110 grams, the Pocket 210 is a small PLL synthesized AM/FM stereo radio small enough to fit in a shirt or jacket pocket and powerful enough to pull in those distant AM/FM stations....
  3. Pocket 100 (SR-35)

    The Pocket 100 is a radio that is small enough to hold in your hand, and powerful enough to pull in those distant AM/FM stations. This radio features a built-in speaker for convenient headphone-free listening....
  4. Traveller 180 (PR-D18)

    As a perfect companion at a picnic, a ball game, or on a camping trip, the Traveller 180 can take all the bumps those fun adventures can bring! ...
  5. Genuine 100 (WR-1)

    The Genuine 100 has an analogue tuner and receives AM and FM frequencies. The radio is very easy to use thanks to a soft and precise responsive controller and a clearly visible analog scale....
  6. Pocket 120 (DT-120)

    The Pocket 120 FM/AM receiver features 15 preset stations (10 FM, 5 AM), auto search, battery indicator and turns off automatically after 90 minutes to conserve battery life....
  7. Atomic 22 (RCR-22)

    The Atomic 22 Clock Radio is an atomic clock radio you can set once and it will remember you preferences. It connects to the atomic DCF signal to set the most accurate time available....
  8. Pocket 140 (DT-140)

    The Pocket 140 is your partner on the road. This easy package is as straightforward as it gets: earphones, a USB cable, a belt clip and of course the radio!...
  9. Atomic 24 (RCR-24)

    The Atomic 24 gives you convenience control over your alarm settings that can wake you up to AM/FM or your aux-in connected device. ...
  10. Atomic 30 (RCR-3)

    The Atomic 30 has everything you could want in an advanced atomic clock radio. ...
  11. Utility 30 (U-3)

    The Utility 30 is the answer for anyone who is seeking a sturdier, more reliable music system for tougher use. It is water resistant, and can be powered by AC current, batteries, or through your vehicle....
  12. Utility 40 (U-4)

    The Utility 40 is an AM/FM radio designed to withstand all job site conditions with IP64 water and dust resistance....
  13. WR-5

    Regular Price: €79.00

    Special Price €49.00

    FM / AM stereo digital tuning with Bluetooth Dongle...
  14. RCR-10

    The Sangean RCR-10 is a robust stereo DAB + / FM clock radio with a lot of power and an equalizer. The model loads and plays music from your I-pod. Furthermore, this radio can record on an SD card and also play music from SD cards....
  15. Genuine Mini (WR-7)

    The Genuine Mini is the most charming radio you've ever seen. But do not underestimate its powers!...
  16. DPR-45

    An interesting radio with 3 options of listening to your favorite station: DAB+, FM and AM!...
  17. Pocket 800 (DT-800)

    The Pocket 800 is a mix of great features in one divine package. You will get 40 presets (!) that are easy accessible via the buttons on top....
  18. Euphonic 45X (WR-45X)

    Celebrating the 45th anniversary of SANGEAN we present you the Euphonic 450X (WR-45X). ...
  19. Euphonic 450 (WR-45)

    The Euphonic 450 (WR-45) is a beautifully styled FM radio will make your day with high sound-quality and excellent reception. ...
  20. Traveller 120 (PR-D12BT)

    The Traveller 120 is a fantastic designed AM/FM radio with Bluetooth options. Listen to your favorite radio stations, at home or on the go. The Traveller 120 will recharge your batteries inside if you connect the adapter and have it in stand-by mode....
  21. Vocal 170 (PR-D17)

    The Vocal170 is an AM/FM radio specially designed for visually impaired users. If you have trouble finding the right radio station due to partial sight or blindness, this device can help you perfectly! ...
  22. Atomic 09 (RCR-9)

    Wake up without worries every morning with the AM/FM Atomic 09....
  23. Atomic 05 (RCR-5)

    The Atomic 05 is a small-size clock radio with a big sound and excellent AM/FM reception....
  24. Aquatic 201 (H-201)

    This AM/FM digital waterproof shower radio lets you listen to your favorite station while getting ready to go in your morning shower...
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