A refurbished product is a product returned or exchanged by a customer. This means that the products bought, have possible traces of previous use. All products within this webshop are processed by Sangean Europe B.V. All components are checked and verified so you receive a complete package in good condition. Products have minimal traces of previous use. For example, the box of the product is opened but the customer did not like it and sent it back. Next to that, there is also an option that these may be faulty products repaired to be as new. For this reason you will receive a discounted price for great products.

As with the purchase of any second-hand product, it has both pros and cons. The disadvantages are that sometimes there are small damages visible, original packaging may be damaged and the supply is more limited. However, the price is significantly lower for the same package, your product is fully tested and you will buy directly at the manufacturer. Our warranty on refurbished products is valid for 2 years. Our warranty covers hardware failures and other defects that were not discovered by our technicians. The warranty does not cover defects caused by misuse or abnormal use of the product.

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  1. DCR-10 Black (+FREE Bluetooth Dongle)
    Now Only €59.00 Regular Price €99.00
  2. DDR-31+ (Genuine 310)
    Now Only €109.00 Regular Price €169.00
  3. DDR-36 (Epoch 360)
    As low as €169.00
  4. DDR-36 Brown (B-Stock)
    Now Only €99.99 Regular Price €115.60
  5. DDR-38 (B-stock)
    Now Only €99.99 Regular Price €135.60
  6. DDR-38 (Epoch 380)
    Now Only €179.00 Regular Price €249.00
  7. DDR-60 (Epoch 600)
    Now Only €149.00 Regular Price €209.00
  8. DDR-60 (Epoch 600) + Speaker (SP-40)
    Now Only €199.00 Regular Price €288.00
  9. ROBERTS R-Line SB1
    Now Only €249.00 Regular Price €599.00
  10. WFR-2D + Bluetooth dongle (B-stock)
    Now Only €149.00 Regular Price €175.60
  11. WR-5
    Now Only €49.99 Regular Price €119.00
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13 Items

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