Privacy Policy

Sangean Europe BV. Privacy Policy & Statement

Notice of Collection & Use:
This section outlines what information is collected about you and how Sangean Europe BV will use this information.

General: During no time will Sangean Europe BV sell or share your privately identifiable information with anyone, or for any reason other than to provide better service, maintain records in accordance with Federal, State, and local laws, or to protect the business interests of Sangean Europe BV.

Personably identifying information: This is information collected that is or can be used to identify you personally. Information includes, but is not exclusive to: your name, address, phone number, and social security number.
Non – Personably identifiable information: Information that is of a non-identifiable nature. Information includes, but is not exclusive to: date of birth (when separated from other personally identifiable information); city, state or zip-code of residence, income, and hobbies.
Information Collected: Information such as which products you viewed, what pages you read, how you came to our site, where you went to after, IP address, and other computer information is collected, commonly without your direct knowledge of collection. We do collect and maintain this information.
How it is used: This information is used for many things, mostly to help us determine broken web links, if more web space is needed, if our servers are running slow, and other information that will help us provide a better website and better service to you. Other uses are to determine popularity of a product, popularity of a dealer, and to keep track of the success of our marketing practices.

Warranty Registration:

Information Collected:
Personal Information: For the purposes of warranty registration we collect your personal information such as name, phone number, e-mail, address, and model number.
Non-personal Information: Other information such as where product was purchased, how much was paid, how much you spent in total and other information is requested. Some of the information is required, some is optional. During the process of collection we will indicate if information is required or optional.
Optional Information: We ask for demographic information such as: Income, profession, title, specialization, education levels, age, gender.

How Information is Used:
Personal Information: The private information we collect about you is collected for the sole purpose of providing better and faster warranty support for your purchase, notifying you of any product defects or recalls, contacting you as necessary to conduct business with you in the future.
Other Information Used: The other information we collect from you will be to improve our products, improve the marketing techniques of us, our affiliates, and our distributors and dealers. At no time will this information be used for any other reason without your consent or knowledge.


Choice of Participating & Sharing:
We love to offer our customers control and this outlines how we give you control.

Active Collection: A process by which you are aware information is being collected. This is normally done through web-forms, text area, check boxes and requires active participation and will notify you of what data is needed. When in areas where information is requested we will indicate if the information is required or optional.
Passive Collection: When Information is collected about you without your expressed knowledge.
Opt-In: When you must actively choose to activate a feature or service, or be contacted by affiliates, marketers, Sangean Europe BV, or other third parties. All our newsletters and subscriptions are opt-in only. Sangean Europe BV, its affiliates, parent companies, or partners will contact you without you requesting such communication.
Opt-out: When you must actively remove permission from a feature, service, or be contacted by affiliates, marketers, Sangean Europe BV, or other third parties. If you have subscribed to a newsletter, publication, or other notices you must unsubscribe to discontinue contact. See our FAQ’s section for information on how to unsubscribe.

Once information is submitted to us you will always be allowed to change and update that information through our support system. Please contact us if you want more information.

Nothing is more important to us than the security of your information. All the forms and methods with which we collect your information uses the latest in 128/256 encryption services and is backed by industry leading experts in data protection.

Company Personnel:
Certification: All persons from within our company in direct contact with your information have passed a vigorous certification process to ensure that they are trustworthy and unlikely to mishandle your information.
Training: All persons from within our company in direct contact with your information have undergone intense training on how to handle information, how to dispose of information properly, and to prevent, detect, and report suspicious activities regarding your information.
Discipline: All persons in our company, of our affiliates, parent companies, partners, or vendors who violate, disclose, misuse, distribute, or unlawfully or unethically use your information will be severely punished to the fullest extents of the law, both civic and civil.

If at any time you feel that we, our affiliates, parent companies, vendors, or employees, have abused, misused, distributed, or acted in any illegal or un-ethical way in regards to your information, you are free to seek any remedy available to you to protect your information, identity and reputation. We will welcome third party arbitration and oversight to accommodate and prevent damage.

To report misuse, or to have other concerns addressed regarding this policy please contact us at: