Hybrid radio

A hybrid radio is a device that allows you to receive radio stations via Internet, DAB+ and FM.

This means that you can receive your favorite radio station everywhere! DAB+ and Internet radio connect seamlessly; if the reception of one of them is not available, you can easily switch to a different way of receiving! Other advantages of hybrid radios are that because of the internet module they are often compatible with an app to manage the device. Next to that, there are radios that are compatible with several streaming services.

DAB stands for Digital Audio Broadcasting and is actually the successor to the classic analogue radio via FM and AM. As with AM and FM, DAB is broadcast via a broadcasting station. If you want to be able to listen to this, you will need a DAB receiver. At this moment, the DAB+ standard is being broadcasted in the Netherlands, Germany and in surrounding countries. DAB+ is the latest version of DAB and is not compatible with the previously introduced DAB format. Sangean has over 40 years of experience (since 1974) in all sorts of radios, from world band radios to DAB+.

Internet radio offers you the option to listen to online radio. The quality of internet radio can vary per channel, but that does not change anything about the reception quality. If you have internet, you can listen and if the internet is gone, the audio is gone too. Because of the cyberculture, the range of stations is very diverse: it is possible for everyone to start a radio station online. You can receive more than 20.000 radio stations worldwide!

Differences and combination

FM and DAB+ have a local (regional and national) target group and coverage. The range of the transmitter park is then also arranged to be able to receive a radio show locally or nationally. With internet radio, the entire world can be the target group! FM and DAB+, on the other hand, have an informative function in addition to pure entertainment. A number of stations have the obligation to inform the public during emergencies and disasters (received from the government).
Fortunately, this function is seldom needed, but nevertheless very important and will also be necessary in the future. The internet and internet radio is not equipped for this and in fact is not reliable enough to take over that task. You can therefore assume that both systems will coexist. With a hybrid radio you have the opportunity to receive it all!